3 Dec 2012

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Allo! I'm Back again (^ ^)


Allo,Guys! How are you?  well, I've been pretty good lately since finally Mr. Rainy come to my town after I've waited for such a long time and had to deal with the sunny who had been SUPER DUPER HOT!!!!!!  
well,It's been a long time I didn't write and  post something in here.feels like I "abandoned" ma blog haha^^ 
Hey!Just take a look to a picture in the top,My 1st aGif that I made by myself hehe .so back then before I made this blog,I learn about how to make an animated GIF.then I drew and made the two of it without any concept.need a time to make it 'cause it's very hard for me to draw a picture with just a mouse.so when it's done, I feel really proud to myself  and even thinking, "I'm A-W-E-S-O-M-E" kekekeke  (I know you probably said there's nothing special) ...  but that was the first time I try to make animated GIF. and I really enjoy it.
I actually felt shy to show it~..but now I post it~..haha 

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