24 Mar 2012

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on this month..

ugh~ I really hate the weather in my place,lately.My cough,Nose,Head,and whole of my body got the impact of this bad wind and rain .  I was just recovered of illness from about 1 week.and so,I open my blog and write something in here  . well, I don't want to be too dramatize~hehe..it's actually just a flu and cough.but it's true that all my body feels like it was strongly tied by rope.I can't even wake up from my bad ..
I heard alot of people sick too ( the flu and cough ). even my nephew got a high fever.I hope she'll get better soon.well you know,sometimes we underestimate a little things.late to eat, less sleep,less rest~which would make our immune system decreases. and who's fault is that if we got a sick? uhuh~ 
so guys,whatch out yourself and Take Care! 

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