20 Jul 2011

1st Layout: Spring of Youth

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✿ spring of youth ✿ 
This is my 1st Layout that I've made from blogskinsThe inspiration come from japanese animated movie "5 Centimeters Per Second: a chain of short stories about their distance". I love the special effect in this anime,and since I don't really like use too much colors~so I make this blog look simply and soft 
if you want to view this blog just click in here and if you want to download,visit this page

so what do you think ?

19 Jul 2011

Skin Of The Day!!♥

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ஐ .......... ஐ

Kyaa ~ Can't believe it !
this day when I check my layout that I post on blogskins,I was surprise to knew ~
My 1st layout that I've  made become of 'Skin of The Day' on Blogskins
since its my 1st time,I don't really thing that it will take much responds..
so Thx Guys for all of you who are respond on my design you're awesome! 
I am highly appreciate it