16 Dec 2010

Rimi & Gamja - Oppa Is Cold (오빠나추워) MV

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I  laugh so loud when watching this mvIts really funny  I want to know what the lyric about  but I don't found it  I listen this song again and again.I think the song is easy listening..thought it's weird too~

6 Dec 2010

화요비 - 10th Anniversary 'Hwayobi' Album

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I listen Hwayobi songs after my friends recommend it to me . so I'm download her album 10th Anniversary hwayobi  All her songs in this album is really nice and I think she is unique  My favorite song is on the track no.3 Ssso What (feat. Beenzino) Booty Call is nice too 
01 Booty Call
02 Bye Bye Bye
03 Ssso What (feat. Beenzino)
04 Baby Gone Baby Gone (feat. 아웃사이더)
05 2CreAm NoSuGar
06 가끔은.. 남자도..
07 More Than Love
08 iLuvMe
09 Zero
10 Cloud 9

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3 Dec 2010

Eyeshield21!favorite American football manga

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Today I read my favorite manga Eyeshield21  !Eyeshield21 is a sport manga about American Fooball and the story is really fun and great  I'm sure that this manga gonna make you fall in love thought you don't realy like or maybe doesn't know much about American Football..because that what I feel hohoXD .when I read it,"Dang Dang" song from the OP anime of Eyeshield21 kept ringing on my head *.* until now too..I got a little dizzy..  but well,I really love Eyeshield21!

My collection of Eyeshield21 manga 1 - end 

the cover of the manga ^ㅅ^