29 Nov 2010

Happy Delated Birthday!생일 축하^^

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25 november is a special day for someone that I know she's so weird but cute..I don't give her anything but just congrats  (thought I'm not no.1 to say that and I'm lateXD) and I give her many many wish!she's still confusing now because she had a problem.I just hope, don't make anything chaos around you,'cause mom gonna mad when she's wake up tomorrowXD  Umm..My lovely mini cute sis..생일 축하합니다!!  (that cute hamster pudding to you!)

25 Nov 2010

Taylor Swift with straight hair!Lovely ^o~

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Aah~I know,It’s too late to post this entry  but it doesn’t matter cause this is about my favorite singer Taylor Swift! I really like her performance in AMA 2010,with her straight hair..she just looks gorgeous  she singing "Back To December" and make  attention for me when she threw her seatbelt  and singing OneRepublic's "Apologize" .that part it looks great for me  (but I agree that will be great if more power) yeah ~ Taylor is awesome