14 Oct 2016

1 2 3 and ME :)


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So Guys, I’m back again in my blog at age 23. I just turn 23 on october 11 haha . Don’t have much to said about the birthday day.. there’s no party or celebration. So nothing special really happen. I spend the day at work. Feels completely all myself. Which is good. Because with all the traffic and craziest thing that happen lately in tv and news.. I’m grateful I had that peace moment at my birthday. And God still give me a health and life to live.
Now since I’m getting more adult than I am ( already ) before, I thinking about a high push and ambition that It’s been there ( in my brain ) but I keep it at the back of my mind. Now I’m ring the alarm. And I make a list, just a simple list for what I need to achive  before the end of the year. Not a great or big  things but can makes me feel more better. It is also about me as a blogger J
So, it’s 3 things  to do list before new year :

happy,birthday,list things to do,blogger,tumblr

1.       Being able to play at least 1 music with guitar.

I bought a guitar few months ago but I’m lazy haha for practice and learn. I do self taught and don’t have someone who can play to teach me so it’s difficult for me to learn. But I’ll change. And start practice again and hope I’ll be able to play it.

happy,birthday,list things to do,blogger,tumblr

2.       Write A Story.

I like to write. So I'm thinking about write a story. fiction. probably a short one. and share it :)

happy,birthday,list things to do,blogger,tumblr

3.       Got more than 100 GFC or Google + followers.

I want to keep this blog a live. Because this blog is my area XD I want to be able connect with other blogger and gain more followers and hopefully sponsor someday :D

This is just a short list because new year will come soon. I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME Lolz but I keep write about this list anyway because I need to do something out of work. I need to do something even thought it sounds just a small thing but better than nothing. And besides, I like to make list. What can I say, I’m a LIBRA XD

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10 Mar 2016

Hunting Spicy Noodles ( short story )


nowadays, I've become obsessed with noodle. especially a spicy noodle, which is very popular lately in my country. Even though hunting food is not really my style, and i rarely hang out in cafe.I spend the freetime I got few days ago just to search for the location of cafe that sell spicy noodle. and it's not just a reguler spicy noodle.. they even named it noodles hell or evil noodle, hereafter noodle~ hell's fire, etc ..

the first time I try the spicy noodle in Mie Akhirat ( translated as hereafter noodle ). I choose " Mie neraka ( the hell noodle ) in menu. when we pick our menu, cashier will ask us before we pay, what level of spicy we prefer ? I choose level 1 because.. this is my first time. I don't want to take any challenge haha 

and here's the picture.

it's spicy! not too spicy like I think it will. but its still more spicy than just a spicy noodle. also the black color in noodle kinda make the aura of dangerous LOL. besides than just spicy, the noodle is tasty too. I like the portion which is enough. not too much or less. it served well  

the second time in my hunting spicy noodles food, I first search on Google which a popular place to go for looking the spicy noodles in my area. and I found it in one the sites a cafe called, Kober mie setan ( Kober noodles devil ) . when I go to the chasier to order, i read the menu that its written in board. and I don't know why.. the only part that I read is a list written like this:

- S  10
- M 20
- L 30

............ I asked the chasier what's the meaning, is it means for a portion that small,medium,large? and he said no. it's the amount of chili you want to be put in your noodle.. 10 probably not an amount of chili that sounds  spicy, but Indonesian chili or pepper is very hot. but since there's only part that i read (hmm  ) I choose S 10 and thinking that maybe is not too spicy like I think it will.

and so here it is.

I couldn't ate more than 3 mouthfuls. It's S level.. But its soo spicy for me. guess you can't really say it by the picture. but it is. I can't even describe how the tastes like, since the only tastes is spicy. OH.YEAH.RIGHT.it  is spicy noodle just like the name.

 at that time when I bought the noodles, I buy 4 box. 1 for me and my little sister, 2 for my sister, 1 for my dad who drive the car. I shared my box with my little sister, and just like I said, 3 mouthfuls and its hard to continue to eat till finish. My sister see it and she ate her box, 2 moutfuls can't continue so she give it to me . my dad saw it. don't want it. so his box for me. and 1 box noodle that's  still untouched we gave it to mom when we arrived home. mom didn't want it. so it's for me    ... OKAY. I DON'T WANT ANY SPICY NOODLES ANYMORE.


7 Feb 2016

thinking too deep might hurt you


how's 2016 going for you so far?

when I saw the date on the calendar today and realized that day by day  got changed rapidly. it felt like everything was unexpected.Today  got a bad mood. It  made me spend the time to reflect alone in front of laptop, a book in my right side, and smartphone with low battery in my left side, everything feels so quiet.too quite..and it gots me a daydream thinking about,
what should I do with my life?


 Despite that having a target on what must be achieved in this year, I got worry thinking about can I really make it goal or not? because different with my previous target in the past, this one is a big target. It seems hard. But I know what I want, and I also know how to do it. What I still don't have is an access. And the responsibility of what I have, is become a constraint.

In the world, not all things can happen or do as what we want or expected. When all the things seems difficult, you're going to start thinking discourage. it leads you to desperation. And desperation makes you feel lonely, and the loneliness makes you feel cold.
some people said to just live the life. enjoy it  and do what you wanna do. But is it right?? is it that simple? enlighten me.

The life that you lived is not just about you.  when you want to do what you wanna do, you'll gonna start to think about people. About your family. about your friends,your lovers, about many things. And it is. when you grow up. you grow with responsibility.

Thinking too deep might hurt you. When I despair like this, before I go to deep, I writing. It helps me to calm. And it helps me to relax. To breath. To believe myself again.


 in order to restore mood and become more calm, warm and enthusiast. I choose to wear an outfit with a touch of orange color :)

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People often describe orange as bright, happy, and uplifting.